Mark and I opened a groovy art store downtown Grimsby and we are super excited about it, but now we are moving! We don’t have a new location yet, but will keep people posted!

The store is called White Rhino Gifts and is located at 2-22 Main St W, Grimsby, ON

It will be open at that location until August 31, 2018.

PHONE:(289) 321-1879

The store offers a variety of goods from around the world, including musical instruments, clothing, handmade jewellery and sculptures, and of course Fine ART! We are a venue for local and international artists and artisans to sell their goods and gain a local audience. I am also showcasing my students artwork every month in the store as well. Hopefully they may sell theirs too. So cool. This is a way for me to introduce and familiarize the kids with the commerce side of life as an artist. 😉