THURSDAYS February 3rd, 2022 – June 23rd, 2022

5-11yrs @9-10:30am

12-17 yrs @11am-12:30pm

In our THE ARTS: Homeschool Program we custom tailor the educational program to individual children as well as implement a fun, age-appropriate model for learning in and through the Arts.

In this student/teacher/parent-directed approach, we develop unit studies based on individual interests, and use them to incorporate new aspects that the student wishes to introduce at that time, and based on the teacher’s observation of the student’s readiness.

In a student-led approach, we create a learning environment through the stimulation and nurturing of a student’s natural curiosity and interests. We aim to expose learners to information, knowledge, creative resources and opportunities we feel are beneficial to their growth, development and learning. The curriculum, in this case, still includes such learning goals and outcomes as indicated in Ontario Visual Arts curriculum expectations, but are understood from a longer-term and responsive perspective rather than being predetermined year by year. Here again, the facilitation is based on ongoing responsive observation of readiness and interest of students.

This course is a 20 Week Program and includes one lesson in the creative writing arts and one in music throughout a monthly cycle.

$425/20 Week Session OR $95/Month OR $25/Weekly Drop-In Fee Per Student (Including HST)

*All materials included. Parent/Guardian attendance is welcome, but not required.