FALL 2023/2024 Class Schedule:

Teens 13+

Portfolio Creation: Drawing, Painting & Theory

In our Teen class, we specialize in portfolio preparation for students interested in both art and design. We tailor the work students do in our classes to each of their specific needs and interests. On a one-to-one basis, we assist our students in the process of creating presentable and professional portfolio pieces to build strong submissions for post-secondary school requirements or to pursue professional artistic endeavours.
COST: $180 (Including HST)  
7 Week Session

Session 1:
Start Date: September 13, 2023
End Date: October 25, 2023

Session 2:
Start Date: November 8, 2023
End Date: December 20, 2023

Session 3:
Start Date: January 10, 2024
End Date: February 21, 2024

Session 4:
Start Date: February 28, 2024
End Date: April 17, 2024

Session 5:
Start Date: April 24, 2024
End Date: June 5, 2024

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