Summer Camp 2022 – Registration

Ages 4-12yrs. (Students are grouped in like ages at camp)

Fee: $225 + HST = $254.25 After Care Available each day 3:30 – 5:00 pm Fee: $15 per day + HST = $84.75 ($67.80 for short week) 

Check out camp weeks and descriptions for a Summer of art-making fun.

Week 1: July 4-8 – The Adventures in Neverland! CAMP FULL 

Neverland is a fictional island, a mythical faraway place home to Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, the Lost Boys, and other imaginary beings and creatures that live there. We will spend the week travelling through the stars before arriving on the island. A treasure map will help us find everything we need to make our magical fairy gardens or tree houses. Each day, (weather permitting), we will find our way to the magical forest to collect items for our week-long art project. While there, we will enjoy a picnic snack and then return to the centre when the fun and magic begin! Everyone will enjoy interactive games, followed by lunch and afternoons full of creating!

Week 2: July 11-15  – Natural Wonder

We’re kicking off the second week of summer by getting up close with art and nature! Campers will polish their observation skills outdoors by studying the diversity of the Forty Mile Creek and surrounding area. Then indoors, campers will draw connections from their observations of the natural world to art by participating in sketching activities, gallery walk and talks, and storytelling. These activities will come together in studio projects designed to nurture an appreciation of both art and nature.

Week 3: July 18-22 – Imagination Magic CAMP FULL 

This week’s program encourages campers to explore the limits of art-making and test the power of their imaginations. This session will explore mixed media, everyone’s favourite pop art medium! Campers will complete an artistic challenge by drawing, glueing, and adding colour with magazine clippings and other materials. Alongside innovative and artsy social activities, this program offers an unforgettable summer experience!

Week 4: July 25-29 – Painting Extravaganza! CAMP FULL 

Paint can be poured, sprayed, scratched, sponged, and so much more! This session allows campers to discover the versatility of the painting medium by exploring techniques and styles of the artists from around the world. In the studio, campers will work on their own artistic practice by taking part in a variety of traditional and unorthodox projects that will allow them to further understand the painting medium and successfully apply their personal creative process.

Week 5: August 2-5 – Short Week – Sculptural Bliss $180 + HST ($203.40)

One of the most popular camps, this week challenges campers to think creatively and multi-dimensionally as they create fun and wacky 3-D sculptures. Taking full advantage of learning about sculptors of the past and present, this program will introduce campers to a new understanding of volume, form and balance while experimenting with unusual art materials.

Week 6: August 8-12 – Making Masterpieces

This program, designed for committed young artists will lead participants through the entire artistic process from a preliminary drawing to a final masterpiece, allowing campers to experiment with various painting mediums that are particularly suited to working en plein air.

Week 7: August 15-19 – Colour us Fun!

Discover the science behind all the colours of the rainbow! This artistic program will encourage campers to boldly experiment with the expressive power of colour, and to explore hues, values and saturation. The Arts Centre and surrounding areas will become spaces of discovery, while the studio will transform into a fun, artistic laboratory.

Week 8: August 22-26 – The Land and Us

Campers will discover the various habitats, animals, and plants native to the Greenbelt area and create nature-inspired artwork to promote environmentalism and conservation. Explore the deep connection between art and nature with collaborative projects using the surrounding environment as a source for supplies and inspiration.

Week 9: August 29 – Sept 2 – Calling all Creatives!

Creativity is your superpower! Campers will be encouraged to use all of their senses to seek inspiration in the world around them. We will be expressing creativity through art-making that educates campers to traditional art disciplines by using a variety of art media and substrates. Campers will also explore a variety of works from the different artists while challenging themselves to think outside the box!