Saturday MORNINGS – January 13th-February 24th, 2024

GRIMSBY 10:15am-11:30am

Ages 7-12

Art 101 for kids aged 7-12 provides an engaging exploration of creativity and skill development. Beginning by introducing fundamental art elements such as line, shape, and colour. Encouraging experimentation with various materials, including different pencil shades, such as 2B, and 4B, and HB, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal, conté, and pencil crayons. Teaching basic drawing techniques to enhance their ability to illustrate ideas and scenes. Fostering a supportive environment for self-expression, allowing them to explore personal styles. Introducing simple concepts of composition and perspective to add depth to their creations. Emphasizing the joy of artistic exploration, building both technical proficiency and a genuine appreciation for the diverse world of art.