MONDAYS: 7:30 – 9:30pm  4-Week Sessions (*Includes use of all materials)

$195  Session 1: September 9-30th, 2019

Intro to Ceramics: Beginner Hand Building Course: The basics of hand building pottery such as pinch pots, using slump and hump molds, and slab building will be introduced in this class, and each participant will create a minimum of three pieces.

 $185 Session 2: November 4 – 25th

Life Drawing: This class offers an introduction to life drawing techniques and media. It is a great class for anyone looking to expand their drawing skills and/or learn technical and formal conventions of representational drawing from life. Some of the specific ideas that will be covered in this class include:

* contour * gesture * proportion * value/shading * line

This course focuses on the development of observational skills and life drawing techniques, employing a wide range of drawing media and subject matter. Students in this course will develop both technical abilities and creative responses to material and subject matter. No prior experience with drawing is required or expected.

$185 Session 3: January 6th – 27th

Life and Landscape Painting with Acrylics: This class will focus on exploration of painting using colour, composition, and intermediate techniques of life objects and the natural environment. Representational art and painting foundations will be discussed as participants work towards developing a disciplined painting practice that engages their mind and practices in looking. 

$195 Session 4: March 2 – 30th – No Class March Break Mar. 16/2020

Encaustic Painting for Beginners: Encaustic is a technique that uses beeswax and pigments as a medium to create paintings and/or mixed media works. In this class, participants will be introduced to encaustic techniques, image transfer, collage, and mixed media embedding.