FROGLETS ART Class: 6-9 yrs

Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm

7 Week Sessions Cost: $120.00

Session 1: September 10-October 22nd 

Figure it OUT! An intro to figure drawing is the focus this time, and proportions, poses and portraits will appear in our art. 

Session 2: October 29-December 10th

Natural World:All things natural will lead us to create awesome art this class. We will incorporate natural materials and artwork will hinge on learning about mother earth and beyond. We will discuss the various aspects of the natural world and the fascinating dynamics of the surrounding universe through our art, using painting and drawing techniques including linear and atmospheric perspective, and colour theory!

Session 3: January 7-February 18th 

Print it up!: We will use drawing and printmaking techniques in making our creations this session! Relief, monoprints, screen-printing and much more will be explored! 

Session 4: February 25-April 14 – No Class March Break Mar. 17

Collage World: Various collaging techniques will be our focus this class, and what layered masterpieces we will create! 

Session 5: April 21-June 2

Paints and Pastel Extravaganza: Using our fingers, some brushes, and our minds, we will create various artworks that will delight ourselves and those around us.

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