When it comes to planning your child’s birthday party, coming up with a unique idea is a fun and exciting way to get everyone enthusiastic about the celebration! Our children’s birthday parties are engaging and always leave a lasting impression! We offer many artistic choices and can customize our projects to meet your needs or party theme. 

We also help you share all the important details of the event conveniently in one place, making the process simple for both you and your guests.

Drawing, Clay Sculpture, Painting on Canvas or Drumming PARTY

Ages: 3 & Up

All Parties are booked on Saturdays:


1:30pm – 3:30pm

*Party hosts can arrive at studio up to half an hour prior to the party start for setting up, etc.

* Having a themed party? Artwork can be theme related!

* If you have a favourite character, animal or thing, you and your guests can create various versions of that!


#1. Studio Party (Total: 2 Hours at Studio)

All guests attend Birthday Party at Art & You Studio and Artist provides a 1 hour (approx.) art lesson at the birthday party and each guest will take their creation home at the end of the party. Or, artist provides a 1 hour drum circle (approx.) at the party, guests learn basic drum rhythms and have fun working together as a collective.

The party also has use of a party room for eating and gift opening.

COST: $220.00 +HST – Up to 15 guests

*All materials are supplied.


#2. Combo Studio Party (Total 2.5 Hours at Studio)

10:30am-1:00pm or 1:30-4pm

Visual Art and Music come together in a wondrous combo party as all guests get to make an artwork (45 mins) and participate in a drum circle (45 mins) with time left over for eating and opening gifts!

(The party has use of studio and kitchen for eating party food and gift opening.)

COST: $255.00 +HST  – Up to 15 guests

*All materials/drums are supplied




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