This is a Creation

I love this drawing done by one of my students in the 3 1/2 – 5 yr old class. When she drew it and added the caption, it really struck a cord with me in a big way. It made me think of how…

In the Studio

Every session the students come ready to get messy and excited about what they will be making. These last few sessions have been no exception, and boy have we been getting messy!! Posted below is some of the work the students have been working…

Taking the World by Storm

Pop Art as Inspiration. These 10-14yr olds students are using the world around them to fuel their art making.

Art in the Making

The students have been busy creating at the studio over these past few weeks! Take a look at their fabulous creations.

Experimentations in Paint

My students tonight tried their hands (or knives, more specifically) at palette knife painting on canvas. I hope everyone else that sees them are as impressed as I am by their work. It is hard to believe that this was a first attempt for…