About Shauna Daley and Mark Chindemi


Shauna Daley – Entrepreneur, Artist, Teacher 

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2013 Upper Elementary Montessori Diploma

2012 Master of Education – Visual Art Education

2011 Bachelor of Education

2009 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree -Visual Arts

  “There are no mistakes in art, if we are learning through our creating, than it  can’t possibly be wrong…”

 I  am interested in fostering student creativity, inspiring others to find their  inner artist. I help students understand art concepts and techniques as well as  introduce them to famous artists and their work to learn and help inspire new  and innovative creations. I hope to help learners to overcome their inhibitions  around the art they create and ensure them that they need to be confident as  aspiring artists.  I am a teacher, a friend, a partner, a student, an  environmentalist, an artist, a peace-keeper, and I love life and learning.

Shauna is also currently an Occasional Teacher with the HWDSB and teaches art workshops throughout the Niagara region.

Shauna’s BLOG: http://sdaley1.blogspot.com/

Shauna on TWITTER: @daley1s

Art and You on TWITTER: @ARTClassGrimsby

Mark Home 1 Chino Chinwa is Mark Chindemi – Entrepreneur –Artist, Drum Therapist, Music Teacher


2003 Bachelor of Education

2001 Bachelor of Arts – Theatre

 “Teaching is about meaningful connections with people in ways that challenge    perceptions, extend awareness and promote personal growth.”  I have worked  as a drum therapist-educator all over the region, from 2005 to  present.  Teaching through the healing of drumming has allowed me to  experience the joy of working with so many wonderful people. The success of  this way of life has  allowed me to fine tune my skills and methods of teaching  drumming. Having  over 15 years of drumming experience, a Bachelor of Arts in  Theatre/Drama, and a Bachelor of Education, has permitted me to be highly effective in any  setting.

Music is a universal language that speaks to us all, and its potential is limitless in the needs of people. We can’t always express ourselves with words; non-verbal communication (drum circles) can assist at those times. When people work together as a collective, such as in a drum circle, they share a sacred space of trust, love, and truth. Making a difference in the lives of people has always been a desire of mine; sharing my gifts in the process makes it so much more meaningful. In my classes I not only teach the power of music, but also the ability to free the mind, build confidence, and most importantly LOVE oneself. It is with honour and duty that I maintain the teachings of the Drum; to those who request it, and/or are in need of its services.           

                   ~ We all have a genius inside, it just needs to be unleashed. ~

Mark’s Website: http://chinwarhythms.com/